6 Common Myths About Adult Orthodontic Treatment

6 Common Myths About Adult Orthodontic Treatment

Whilst orthodontic treatment is becoming increasingly popular amongst adults, it is still quite common that patients are often discouraged to visit their orthodontist after hearing a few common myths. At Marsh House Orthodontics we want to provide an answer for some of the most common assumptions.

Continue to read below to learn the truth about adult orthodontic treatment:

Only Metal Fixed Braces are Available

With new developments being introduced, there are a lot more options than traditional metal braces. If you are interested in fixed braces, you can enquire about Lingual Braces which are fitted to the back of your teeth. You can also consider ceramic tooth coloured clear brackets or invisible braces for a more natural looking treatment.

It’s Only for Children and Teenagers

Teeth straightening treatments are available for both adults and children. With more convenient treatments available, more adults are booking orthodontic appointments. Recently, removable invisible braces - invisalign have become increasingly popular, as they are low maintenance and provide excellent results.

No Pain, No Gain

Many patients will believe that if they can’t feel any pain, then the treatment may not be working. However, braces provide a safe and gentle form of teeth straightening. Over your treatment period, they will gently and slowly reposition your teeth. This helps to avoid damage to your teeth and gum, and minimise pain.

It’s Bulky and Unappealing

Traditional fixed braces are often a cheaper option, providing effective results. However, many people are deterred from orthodontic treatment in fear of how they will look. With the development of invisible braces and aligners, there’s no need to worry.

Invisalign offers a set of transparent aligners, which fits comfortable and discreetly over your teeth. Lingual braces are totally discrete treatment, which are fitted behind your teeth, thereby providing you with the results of fixed braces, without having metal on show.

Results Are Instant

Orthodontic treatment requires careful and safe readjustment of your teeth by specialists. To achieve this, your orthodontist requires control and patience. The duration of your treatment will be dependent on the severity of your issue.

Smaller cases can take as little as a few months to rectify; however, more complex cases may take longer. Nevertheless, your qualified orthodontist is specially trained to provide first class orthodontic treatment in the shortest time for your convenience.

It’s Really Expensive

With so many options available, orthodontic treatments can cater to a range of budgets. To discuss your price range and dental requirements, visit your orthodontist.

Enquiring for Adult Orthodontic Treatment

At Marsh House Orthodontics, we have provided first class orthodontic treatment in South East London for over 30 years. Our top team of orthodontists offer treatments to both adults and children. To make an enquiry about adult orthodontic treatment, please call 020 8646 6200 to discuss your concerns.