Nervous patient receiving dental treatment


Nervous Patients


A survey carried out by dental phobia revealed that 53% of the population are scared of visiting the dentist.

With over 17% refusing to go to the dentist to get essential dental work carried out.


Overcome your anxiety

Dental phobias/fears can range from things such as:

• Fear of pain
• The sounds of the dental practice
• Previous experience
• Phobia of needles
• Fear of losing control

At Marsh House we believe being nervous shouldn’t get in the way of your dental health or getting the smile you want.

All our dentists and staff are experienced on treating nervous patients and like to make your visit to us as stress free as possible from the moment you step through our doors to when you leave.


Techniques we offer

Techniques we offer our patients to help with your fear of the dentist are:

• Inhalation sedation - where you inhale a sedative gas through a mask that your dentist places over your nose and mouth, known as happy air or laughing gas.
• Intravenous sedation - here a sedative is injected into your vein in your hand or arm.
• Wand (pain free injection) – the source of the pain isn’t actually the needle it’s the flow of the anaesthetic . The wand is a computer-controlled device that regulates the flow of the anaesthetic leaving the patient hardly feeling anything.
• Friendly staff – Our staff want to work with you to give you the best possible experience at Marsh House, and like to take the time to get to know you and understand your fears so we can help manage them for you when you do attend.
• Tour of the practice – coming to the practice to meet with our staff that you have speaking with on the phone and to see our practice in person helps take away the fear of the unknown.
• Relaxation music – We can play relaxation music within our surgeries to help relax you or any music that helps you to relax. We also recommend if you don’t like the sound of the equipment bring your headphones which can help block out more sounds and help relax you.
• Behaviour management techniques – We encourage patient’s to ask questions. We follow the tell, show, do technique, and we provide communication in layman’s terms.

Please get in touch so we can discuss the best way to help you.


What our patients say

Rachel A

The best experience

The best experience. As a nervous twenty-something looking to get braces, I didn't have a clue where to start. I had a sit down consultation with Laura who was so kind and helpful and I knew right away I would be going ahead with the treatment.
I looked forward to my appointments to get my braces tightened as the staff are so reassuring and invested in your 'journey'.
Cannot recommend Marsh House enough.

Louise R

Made me feel at ease

My whole experience from start to finish has been a pleasurable one. Dr Williams and his team made me feel at ease and my treatment was explained to me at every stage.
I spoke to Laura or Karen who were always at the end of the phone and always happy to answer any of my questions however small. The surgery was always clean and tidy and the staff were always so friendly.

Angelo C

Completely relaxed

I am absolutely delighted that I choose Marsh House. I had heard good reports however I was so surprised how kind all the staff were to me (especially Laura and Karen) making me feel completely relaxed as I am rather nervous. The ambience of the practice is superb lovely decorated and very clean. And I am even more impressed with my smile it has been a extremely good experience from start to finish. Dr Anas you are a star. I highly recommend this practice.