Restorative Dentistry for Children

Crowns for baby teeth

Unlike custom-made adult crowns, crowns for baby teeth are pre-manufactured in different sizes and shapes then adjusted by the dentist in situ for the perfect fit.

Children’s crowns can be made from metal or tooth-coloured ceramic (your dentist will talk you and your child through the benefits of both options), and are durable enough to last until the natural tooth falls out.

Root Canal treatments for children

Many of us who have experienced a root canal treatment might be horrified by the thought of their child having it too. However, it is important to understand that baby teeth have a different anatomy compared to adult teeth.

The outer shell of a baby tooth (the enamel layer) is much thinner, while their inner part (the nerve chamber) is much larger in volume. As soon as decay goes through the outer shell, children can start feeling some sensitivity, which they usually cannot explain and, as a result, it tends to go unnoticed. If the decay cavity goes deep enough and reaches the nerve, an infection can start. This can be extremely painful for children, causing throbbing pain in the tooth or the jaw and even swelling. Baby-tooth root canal treatment will not only remove the infection instantly, but will save the tooth from an extraction too.

High levels of care and expertise

Our dedicated children root canal specialists are able offer extremely high level of skill, care and experience and has access to the most advanced dental microscope for highly accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Space maintainers

A space maintainer is a small appliance that effectively preserves the gap created by a missing tooth, so that when the time comes for the adult tooth to erupt, it can do so without any problems.

If your child loses a tooth due to injury, infection or because an extraction is required, the missing space between the teeth may lead to overcrowding or crooked teeth. This is because the teeth coming in on either side of the space will begin to drift into the empty space, meaning there is insufficient space for their adult teeth.

A space maintainer can prevent this from happening, by taking over the function of the lost tooth and preserving the gap between the teeth.


Price Guide


Stainless steel crown

from £280


Root canal - adult tooth

from £180


Space maintainer