Looking after braces

Holiday Guide to Looking After Braces

Holiday Guide to Looking After Braces

Whether you’re spending the week at home or a week abroad, caring for your braces should always be essential. Braces need to be cleaned on a routine basis, thoroughly with the appropriate tools and guidance, even while travelling.

Here is our holiday guide on looking after your braces and keeping on top of your dental care routine while relaxing in the sun:

Travel Toothbrush and Toothpaste

To ensure your teeth and braces are clean, brushing after every meal is essential. Therefore, carrying a toothbrush around with you and fluoride toothpaste, in a case to keep it hygienic, is important to avoid any food remains sticking to the brace.

A lot of people also carry a spare toothbrush with them to clean their removable braces separately for overall hygiene.

Brace Wax

If you have recently had fixed braces fitted or tightened, dental wax is available to help relieve the pain. Brace wax works by rolling some of the wax into a ball with your fingers and placing it on top of the part of the brace that’s causing the discomfort. This will then create a barrier between the brace bracket and your cheeks and lips to reduce pain.

Pain Relief

Another alternative for soothing tooth pain after brace tightening, is packing a form of pain relief, such as paracetamol. This will help to reduce the pain of your teeth being pulled, so you can continue to sunbathe comfortably.

Tepe Brushes

Tepe Brushes are small interdental brushes designed to effortlessly remove plaque with their long filaments and soft bristles, with easy access to hard to reach areas.

Resisting Food Temptations

Holidays are the perfect time to experiment with different foods. However, it’s important to stay cautious while wearing braces. Chewy, sticky and hard-shelled food such as nuts, popcorn, ice and raw vegetables, may cause you problems as they can get stuck or damage your braces.

Give yourself one thing less to worry about while travelling, by taking proper care of your teeth, gums and braces using our guide.

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