How an Oral Hygiene Service Benefits Your Smile

How an Oral Hygiene Service Benefits Your Smile

At Marsh House Orthodontics we understand the importance of maintaining excellent oral health. For all of our patients undergoing, or about to start, orthodontic treatment, it is imperative that the teeth, gums and mouth are healthy and being well looked after. That’s why we are now offering an oral hygiene service to help our patients to maintain a healthy smile.

Let’s look at the top four ways your smile can benefit from using an oral hygiene service:

1. Better Treatment Results

It’s essential that you are committed to your oral health if you want to undergo teeth straightening treatment. You’ll need to take extra special care of your teeth, gums and mouth before, during and after treatment as this will give you the best results and ensure that you don’t suffer from any oral health complications as a result of poor oral hygiene during treatment. As food particles and plaque can accumulate around the brackets, bands and wires of your braces, there is an increased risk of tooth decay whilst having your teeth straightened. That’s why you need to learn how to clean effectively around your braces, which we can teach you in practice so you can keep up the great work at home!

2. Fresher Breath

By following our oral health advice on how to keep your teeth and gums clean you’ll also benefit from fresher breath. Poor oral hygiene, such as skipping teeth cleans, rushing your brushing or not using floss or interdental brushes can result in the build of plaque, cavities in the teeth or gum disease, all of which can cause bad breath.

3. Whiter, Brighter Teeth

By undergoing a regular scale and polish, your teeth can benefit from a deep clean which will leave them looking visibly whiter and brighter. A clean and polish will remove superficial staining on the teeth and make your mouth feel fresh.

4. Keep the Dentist Away

It’s not that we don’t enjoy welcoming you to our orthodontic practice, or want you to visit the dentist regularly, but we do want to help you avoid unnecessary dental trips. By using our oral hygiene services and following the tailored advice you receive on how to look after your teeth and gums, particularly during and after your orthodontic treatment, you can minimise the need to see a dentist for procedures such as fillings and extractions.

If you are undergoing teeth straightening treatment to correct crooked teeth or gaps in your smile, you will probably find that it will be easier to keep your teeth and gums clean after your treatment finishes as your teeth will be in better alignment. However, it is important to start your new oral health routine as early as possible, to give your teeth and gums the best chance of staying healthy whilst you undergo treatment.

If you would like advice on keeping your teeth and gums healthy, or would like to find out more about our new oral hygiene services please call us on 020 8646 6200 or click here to contact us.