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How Orthodontic Treatment Offers a Healthier Smile

How Orthodontic Treatment Offers a Healthier Smile

National Smile Month is a nationwide awareness campaign that begins on 13th May 2019, spreading awareness about dental health and promoting happier smiles.

To support the campaign, here we highlight some of the important benefits that orthodontic treatment offers, helping patients to achieve and maintain healthy and attractive teeth.


Orthodontic procedures are focused on correcting issues such as crowding, gaps and misalignment. Even in severe cases, orthodontic treatment can help to improve the way that we bite, chew and even how we speak – safeguarding against future issues and related pain.


Because we all want to have a winning smile, oral health and aesthetics is a key factor for orthodontic treatment. Teeth straightening procedures offer greater alignment and reduced gapping in our teeth, giving them a more natural and consistent appearance that makes them look healthier and more attractive.


At any stage of life, wearing a dental brace or other corrective orthodontic system can help to promote natural growth and encourage natural alignment in our teeth. This can help to prevent pain and discomfort and safeguard against problems in later life such as over-biting and jaw problems.


Because orthodontic treatment improves alignment and eliminates gapping, this makes our teeth far easier to care for. Uniformed teeth offer fewer hiding places for food debris to build-up or become stuck, making effective brushing and flossing easier whilst stemming the development of plaque.


Overall, orthodontic treatment helps us to improve the way our teeth look and feel and can correct a wide range of issues that make us feel uncomfortable or self-conscious. This helps us to smile with much more confidence, which is just what we need for National Smile Month!

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