Talking Teeth with Invisalign Teen

Talking Teeth with Invisalign Teen

Invisalign is a range of teeth straightening treatments, made effective with transparent custom-moulded aligners to move teeth into position. Invisalign Teen works in exactly the same way but is instead catered to teenagers. They feature blue wear-indicators to allow your teenager and orthodontists to gauge wear time and compensate for any eruption of canines, second premolars and second molars.

Invisalign Teen can be a great source of confidence and convenience for those going through their teenage years:

Self-Esteem Booster

Being clear in design, Invisalign Teen is the perfect option for those looking for a more concealed form of treatment. Say goodbye to photos with braces and having to worry about how you look with a metal smile!

Better Oral Hygiene

Because Invisalign Teen aligners are so easy to remove and replace, it makes your oral hygiene routine much easier. Take out your aligners to brush your teeth and clean your gums and then just pop them back into place when you’re finished. It’s that easy!

Sports Friendly

Athletes love Invisalign Teen as they can remove them before playing sports, eliminating the risk their aligners getting damaged or causing injury.

No Metal Wires

Traditional braces have been known for their discomfort and unappealing metal wires. However, modern braces have been developed to eliminate these concerns, as Invisalign Teen in particular has been designed for cosy fit, convenience and secrecy.

No Dietary Restrictions

Being able to remove your Invisalign Teen aligners means you can eat and drink whatever you like, so you don’t need to think about potential damage or having to clean out stubborn food remains.

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