What to Expect from Teeth Straightening for Adults

What to Expect from Teeth Straightening for Adults

Teeth straightening is much more than improving appearance. In fact, teeth straightening can help to correct a variety of dental issues, to make chewing and talking much easier. If you have been considered for teeth straightening by your orthodontist and would like to learn more about it first, explore our blog below. We will be guiding you through how to straighten teeth, the options available and answering what to expect with teeth straightening for adults.

Dental Issues Teeth Straightening Can Help With

Whenever you experience discomfort with your teeth or jaw, it is always worthwhile attending a dental appointment for a second opinion. This will allow you to get treated sooner if needed, as dental issues can often have an impact on our daily life. Below are a few signs that an adult may require teeth straightening treatment.

  • It’s clear that teeth are crooked or crowded.
  • It’s a challenge to floss and brush crooked teeth.
  • Accidentally biting your tongue.
  • Teeth don’t meet when they are closed together.
  • Tongue’s position under teeth makes pronouncing specific sounds difficult.
  • Jawline feels stressed or tired after chewing food.
  • Jaw makes noises when chewing or first wake up.

Treatment Options for Teeth Straightening for Adults

Here at Marsh House Orthodontics we have a range of products used for teeth straightening for adults, including fixed braces, lingual braces and removable braces.

Fixed braces are designed with tiny metal brackets which are fitted to the front of your teeth, followed by a wire running between them. To keep this all in place, small elastic bands are used. If you are looking for the most natural look with this appliance, clear fixed braces are available which use brackets which are clear or tooth coloured so they can blend in easier with your smile.

Lingual appliances are similar, however, they are instead fitted to the inside of your teeth so they are much less noticeable. Again, using small metal brackets and arch wires, they apply a continuous pressure which gently helps your teeth to straighten. This is particularly helpful for correcting overcrowding, bite problems, gaps or rotated teeth.

Removable braces are your clear aligners, for example Invisalign. You will receive a number of aligners, as you will need to switch yours every couple of weeks so your teeth can gradually be moved into position. Two of the major benefits of Invisalign are that the aligners are clear, meaning it’s not obvious that you’re having your teeth straightened and removable, which makes them easier to clean.

What to Expect During Treatment

Orthodontic treatment is worthwhile if you are dedicated to carrying out the proper care. While wearing braces, you need to make sure you understand the guidance from your orthodontist on how to protect your appliance and keep it clean. For example, fixed braces need to be cleaned to make sure there are no trapped food leftovers and you also need to avoid certain food textures to protect your brace from being easily damaged.

You will also need to attend regular orthodontist appointments during your treatment time, as this allows your orthodontist to monitor progress. They can then advise you on the next steps with your treatment or provide you with guidance on what could be done to better the results. If you are unsure about anything during your treatment, please ask questions so you feel confident and reassured when you leave.

Enquiring About Teeth Straightening for Adults

If you have been recommended for teeth straightening for adults, we hope that you find our practice to be a welcoming and supportive space. Whether you are interested in teeth straightening to improve your dental health or if you have an upcoming event you want to align your smile for, we are here to help. You can find further information about our services on our website or during your next appointment with one of our orthodontists.