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Why More Adults Are Seeking Orthodontic Treatment

Why More Adults Are Seeking Orthodontic Treatment

After years of biting, chewing and grinding, people of all ages still run the risk of their teeth moving out of place and suffering from the side effects. The number of adults seeking orthodontic treatment has risen over recent years and is something more adults need to talk about to maintain excellent oral heath and a comfortable bite.

Growth in Numbers

The percentage of adults in the UK seeking orthodontic treatment continues to rise, as The British Orthodontic Society presented new figures, where 80% of orthodontists reported an increase in adult private patients.

The Orthodontists surveyed said they provide the following to adult patients:

  • More than 35% provide lingual braces
  • More than 75% provide clear aligners
  • More than 75% provide fixed braces with clear aesthetic brackets

The survey also revealed that the most popular group of patients looking for orthodontic treatment is females ages 26 to 40. Although, the percentage of men seeking orthodontic treatment is also growing with 19% of respondents estimating that half of their adult patients are male.

Orthodontic Treatment

Your choice of orthodontic treatment will depend on what you are suffering with, but most commonly it will involve wearing braces. Although, in some cases you may be advised to wear headgear during the night or have temporary tiny pins positioned in your jaw, along with a brace. In severe cases you may need to have teeth removed.

The duration of your treatment will also be dependent on how complex the issue is but can typically last between 18 and 24 months.

Orthodontic Benefits for Adults

Choosing orthodontic treatment to realign crooked teeth can provide a big boost of self-confidence, which can ultimately help you excel in job interviews, business meetings and social interactions. Having a confident smile can ensure you ooze confidence all over, which can help exude a more positive attitude, influence the confidence of others, reduce stress, improve your communication skills and open you up to new and better opportunities.

Many people also choose teeth straightening treatments to complement their overall appearance, so they don’t have to shy away from laughing in photographs or exposing their teeth when they talk.

Flexible orthodontic treatments are also available, with a variety of options to choose from. There’s no longer any need to worry about the appearance of braces, as new developments mean braces can be fitted to the back of your teeth or as a clear aligner used to keep the treatment unnoticeable to others.

Remember that orthodontic treatment is not only for realigning your smile. Orthodontics can also help make your teeth easier to clean, to reduce your risk of tooth decay or gum disease, which could consequently result in tooth loss. Your orthodontist will check your teeth meet together correctly, to lessen the stress on surrounding muscles and your jaw joint. This can may help patients who suffer from migraines, headaches and pain in their back, neck or shoulders because of their teeth.

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