Why Teeth Straightening Isn’t Just for Children

Why Teeth Straightening Isn’t Just for Children

Teeth straightening was once considered an orthodontic treatment primarily for children and teenagers. However, the British Orthodontic Society has reported that three quarters of their members are seeing more adult patients.

Discover some of the reasons why more adults are seeking teeth straightening treatments from their orthodontist:

Health Benefits

As your grow older, your teeth will change. They may become overcrowded, move too far apart or you could develop an overbite or improper bite. Consequently, this can affect your oral health. Realigning teeth into the correct position can make it easier to clean them, thereby reducing plaque build-up. It can also make it much easier for you to chew and speak if you are experiencing difficulties due to your misalignment.

Social Media Influence

Social media can be very influential in how we compare ourselves to others. Seeing a newsfeed filled with photoshopped and celebrity smiles may appeal to many people. Therefore, encouraging them to opt for orthodontic treatment.

However, this is not always for vanity reasons. For many people, it could be the push they were looking for to treat an insecurity and will therefore help to boost their confidence and self-esteem.

Hidden Treatments

Years ago, brace designs were limited to traditional Metal Braces. This involved thin metal wires being fixed to your teeth using brackets. But today there are so many more options. For example, Lingual Braces are fitted behind your teeth for a completely hidden teeth straightening treatment. Removable Braces, including Invisalign, have also grown in popularity as they are very easy to use.

With much easier access for adults today to a wider range of treatment options, more people are going for it.

Do I Qualify for Teeth Straightening?

Your orthodontist will need to check a few things before any treatment can begin. X-rays and photographs may be taken to better determine which orthodontic treatment will provide the best results for your teeth. You will also undergo a mouth examination to ensure you are healthy enough for a brace treatment. Any issues such as inflamed gums or tooth decay will need to be addresses before treatment starts.

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