3 Methods of Treating and Restoring Children’s Teeth

3 Methods of Treating and Restoring Children’s Teeth

Taking care of your teeth and gums is an incredibly important lesson that children of all ages should learn. Attending regular check up appointments with a children’s dentist can help to teach this, as well as monitoring their oral health and treating where necessary.

Attending a children’s dentist not only provides peace of mind, but it can help to treat pain and sensitivity that your child is experiencing but is unable to explain. In these cases, dental issues can go unnoticed, so we urge you to routinely book dentist appointments.

In cases where your child’s tooth has become damaged or begun to decay, a dentist may have to suggest methods of treating and restoring your children’s teeth.

We explore three key methods, which we offer here at Marsh House, below.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment for your child is nothing to feel apprehensive about as it can help with dental problems. The anatomy of baby teeth includes a much thinner enamel layer when compared to adults, whilst their nerve chamber is of a larger volume.

Children can begin to experience sensitivity in their teeth when there is decay through their enamel layer. If this decay cavity travels deep enough, the teeth will be at risk of infection, which could be painful. Using root canal treatment, your dentist can help to draw out the infection and can avoid the need of a tooth extraction.

Crowns for Baby Teeth

Crowns for baby teeth are generally pre-formed from stainless steel. They are pre-manufactured in a variety of sizes and shapes which the dentist can adjust for a comfortable fit.

Crowns for baby teeth are usually recommended when a tooth is too damaged or a cavity is too deep for a dental filling to work.

Space Maintainers

When your child has a missing tooth, a space maintainer can be fitted to prevent problems when their adult tooth comes through. A space maintainer is a small appliance designed to function as the missing tooth to prevent overcrowding or crooked teeth.

Enquiring about Children’s Dentistry

Regular appointments with your children’s dentist are very important for maintaining healthy teeth and gums and treating where necessary. They can also help your children to grow strong teeth and be ready for when their adult teeth come through.

At Marsh House we offer a variety of treatments for restoring children’s teeth. Located at Marsh House, you can get in touch to book your child’s next appointment on 020 8646 6300.