Beyond a healthy smile: How facial aesthetics can enhance your appearance

Lady with great skin

At Marsh House Specialist Dentists, we specialise in transforming our patient’s smiles with a range of dentistry services, but did you know that we also offer treatments to help fight the signs of ageing? If you are looking to enhance your appearance beyond just a healthy smile, then our facial aesthetics treatment range include anti-wrinkle injections, anti-clenching treatment, and filler treatment to help you achieve natural-looking results that boost your confidence. Whether you want to turn back the clock on the signs of ageing or simply enhance your facial features, our facial aesthetics dentist delivers personalised treatments to address your specific needs and offer the transformative results you expect.

Enhance your appearance with facial aesthetics 

At Marsh House, we understand that your smile doesn't exist in isolation; it is part of your overall facial appearance, and your forehead, cheeks, and jaw deserve the same level of care and attention as your smile. By combining dental and facial aesthetics treatments, we specialise in offering a comprehensive approach to enhancing your appearance and boosting your natural beauty.

When it comes to facial aesthetics, there are a range of options available to smooth your skin and enhance your features without consulting cosmetic surgeons or dermatologists. An experienced and reliable facial aesthetics dentist, like our very own Dr. Aamina Mahmood, is uniquely qualified to provide minimally invasive procedures that are designed to suit your requirements and complement your appearance. From smoothing out wrinkles to improving facial contours, the treatments offered by our facial aesthetics dentist combine extensive knowledge of facial anatomy and the ageing process with expertise in the use of injectables and fillers to address the visible signs of ageing. Dr Mahmood utilises years of experience and discrete, targeted procedures to address our patients needs, so whatever treatment you are currently considering, our facial aesthetics services will help you achieve a more youthful and refreshed appearance.

Anti-wrinkle injections

As we grow older, our skin loses its elasticity, and the face and neck become more vulnerable to wrinkles and lines. This can cause the face to look old or tired before its time and can be a source of concern or insecurity for many women. At Marsh House Specialist Dentists, we offer anti-wrinkle injections as a non-surgical solution to combat these common signs of ageing.

Anti-wrinkle injections utilise a dose of Botulinum Toxin A, which works by relaxing the muscles on areas of the face and neck. This relaxation treatment causes your facial lines or wrinkles to diminish or disappear entirely, giving you a smoother appearance and softer skin. Our anti-wrinkle treatments can be used to target the most common signs of wrinkles, including crow’s feet, forehead lines, neck lines, gummy smile, neck slimming, and even your underarms for hyperhidrosis, more commonly known as excessive sweating. By targeting these specific areas, our facial aesthetics dentist can help you achieve a lasting change in your appearance and give you a boost of rejuvenated confidence.

Anti-clenching treatment

Jaw clenching, also known as bruxism, is a common problem that can lead to various issues as we age, such as tension in the jaw, headaches, and damage to the teeth caused by continued grinding. At Marsh House Specialist Dentists, we utilise Botulinum Toxin A to also offer anti-clenching treatment to help alleviate these symptoms and reduce discomfort and pain.

The process of receiving anti-clenching treatment is similar to receiving anti-wrinkle injections, as the Botulinum Toxin A is injected into the cheek to weaken and reduce the size of the chewing muscle known as the masseter. By relaxing this muscle, the symptoms of jaw clenching can be significantly reduced, providing relief and preventing further damage to the teeth.

In addition to its therapeutic benefits, anti-clenching treatment can also help improve the overall appearance of your face. Excessive jaw clenching can cause the masseter muscle to become enlarged, leading to a square or bulky jawline, and by reducing its size, our facial aesthetics dentist can help create a more uniform, uninflamed facial contour.

Filler treatment

Dermal fillers are another popular facial aesthetic treatment offered by our onsite facial aesthetics dentist at Marsh House Specialist Dentists. These fillers are designed to effectively create a plumper and more youthful appearance in your face, so whether you have lines from the nose to the mouth, lines from the mouth to the chin, or smoker lines around the lips, dermal fillers can help reduce their appearance and give you a smoother complexion. In addition to reducing wrinkles, dermal fillers can also be used to enhance and shape facial contours, including giving the appearance of fuller lips, more defined cheeks, or a refined chin, and our facial aesthetics dentist can tailor the filler treatment to achieve your desired results.

The procedure for dermal fillers typically involves a series of injections, depending on the requirements of the individual. These injections include the use of Hyaluronic acid, a substance that naturally exists in your body, to revitalise the skin and reduce the appearance of unwanted wrinkles. Before the injection, the targeted part of the face is numbed with an anaesthetic cream to ensure your comfort during the procedure, and the filler is then injected into the skin at a mid or deep level to achieve the desired effect.

It's important to note that while both Botox and dermal fillers are minimally invasive and equally beneficial skin treatments to address wrinkles, they target the appearance of lines in different ways. Botox is effective on facial lines that are caused by muscle movement, while dermal fillers address wrinkles that are a result of a loss of volume. Consulting with our facial aesthetics dentist will help determine which treatment is best suited to tackle your specific concerns and deliver the results you are looking for.

Feel refreshed with our facial aesthetics treatments

Your smile is not the only aspect of your appearance that can benefit from our specialist dental care. Whether you're looking to minimise wrinkles, reduce jaw clenching, or enhance your facial appearance, seeking the expertise of our facial aesthetics dentist guarantees transformative, natural-looking results that boost your confidence and enhance your natural beauty. 

All of our treatments start with a free initial consultation with our facial aesthetics dentist to assess your requirements and discuss your expectations, and until 30th November we are offering 50% off all facial aesthetic treatments at our practice. So, if you have been considering facial aesthetics treatment this year, there has never been a better or more cost-effective time to schedule your initial consultation.