Early Orthodontics: Why Is Early Intervention Important?

Early Orthodontics: Why Is Early Intervention Important?

One of the greatest supports you can offer your family is investing in their health. Orthodontics are not just for adults who are seeking a nicer looking smile. By investing in early orthodontics, you can provide your child with a healthy and confident smile. Along the way you will have our specialist orthodontics, with more than 30 years of experience, by your side, with answers on how to achieve straighter teeth for your child.

If you are curious about why early intervention with orthodontics is so important, continue reading below.

Why Consider Early Orthodontics?

A key factor to consider with early orthodontics is being able to manage your child’s dental and jaw development from an early age, as they progress into their teenage years. This means finding the right fit for orthodontic treatment which can help their adult teeth develop into the desired position at the right time, while reducing the risk of gaps, crowding and bad bites.

But how do you know if your child may need early orthodontics? One of the easiest ways to know is by how their teeth look, so watch out for these signs:

⦁ Teeth which overlap
⦁ Teeth appear to be overcrowded
⦁ Teeth which are crooked
⦁ Overbite
⦁ Underbite

If you think you have noticed any of the above in your child’s smile, speak to their dentist.

How Does Early Orthodontic Treatment Work?

Here at Kids Dental at Marsh House, your child will receive a 30 minute appointment, which will involve a comprehensive detailed treatment plan, along with 3d digital images of their teeth with a digital scanner. Using these images, our orthodontic team can produce a personalised treatment plan and draw up the cost of treatment and finance options.

If you or your child have any questions regarding early orthodontic treatment, this will be your opportunity to ask them. Our team wants nothing more than for you to feel confident and safe in our care, so we are happy to provide the guidance that you need.

What Are The Options for Early Orthodontic Treatment?

When you think about orthodontics for children, you might assume that fixed braces are their only option. However, we have a range of options for early orthodontics available at our practice, which cater for different ages and dental needs.

Removable Braces use a wire to carry out minimal corrections as a child develops from 8 to 10 years old.
⦁ Invisalign First is a removable clear aligner which can be used for teeth crowding, spacing and narrow dental arches.
⦁ Fixed Metal Braces provide reliable results and are made from stainless steel.
⦁ Ceramic Fixed Braces provide a less visible look, as their colour blends with the teeth.

How to Book an Early Orthodontics Consultation

If you are concerned about your child’s teeth positioning, discuss it with your child’s dentist during your next routine check up appointment. Your dentist can provide a second opinion and discuss the next steps with you if early orthodontic treatment is the right direction.

If you are searching for a practice for children’s dentistry in London and would like to book your child’s next dental appointment with us, please contact our team.