Get your dream smile this year with our general dental care treatments

Get your dream smile this year with our general dental care treatments

Whether you’ve turned over a new leaf since the 1st of January, or broken all of your new year’s resolutions already, there is no reason why you can’t make your dental health a priority in 2024. You might have been to our practice for specialist dental procedures, or be new to Marsh House altogether, so it seems like a good idea to remind you of the general dental care treatments we offer, to help you get and maintain your dream smile.

We might pride ourselves on our specialist dental care and the advanced treatments we can bring to our patients, but often it is the basics that get overlooked, which is why we also offer comprehensive general dentistry. This range of treatments helps to keep your teeth and gums healthy and minimises the risk of complications and expensive treatment in the future. Let’s look at how our general dental care treatments can improve your smile.

Dental examinations for preventive care

Regular dental check ups are one of the best ways to avoid problems with your teeth and gums. By scheduling an appointment every 6 months, or as advised, we can monitor your teeth, gums and mouth, spotting and dealing with any issues early on to prevent future complications. In addition to thoroughly checking your mouth, head, neck and jaw joints for any irregularities, we will also carry out mouth cancer screening and provide advice to enable you to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Fillings to help preserve your teeth

They might be the most common dental treatment for adults in the UK, but that doesn’t make them any less scary for those of you who have never had a filling before. The great news is that fillings can be prevented by taking great care of your teeth and gums and having a tooth-healthy diet, but if you do find yourself needing a filling, there really is nothing to worry about. Fillings are generally a quick and simple procedure thanks to modern composite materials that enable us to complete the process with minimum invasion and no need to remove healthy tooth tissue.

Crowns and bridges for a better appearance

If you have gaps between your teeth or a tooth that is damaged, you may be recommended to have a crown or bridge to improve the appearance of your smile. Both of these dental care treatments are highly effective at covering up damage, improving the overall aesthetics of your smile and providing a long lasting solution.

Dentures to give you back your confidence

When you have several missing teeth it can alter the shape of your mouth and face and prevent you from smiling confidently. Thankfully, dentures are a tried and tested solution to replace missing teeth. They are custom made to exactly fit your mouth and are easy to maintain, so you can wave goodbye to gaps and get ready to show off your smile again!

Extractions to eliminate pain and discomfort

Having a tooth removed is quite commonplace and it can be necessary for a number of reasons including tooth decay, a fractured tooth or a crowded mouth. Extractions are often used when a severely decayed tooth cannot be saved and by having the tooth removed you can save yourself the pain that can arise from decayed and impacted teeth.

Whatever the nature of the problem, our specialist team is here to help with a range of general dental care treatments designed to remove pain, improve tooth function and enhance the appearance of your smile.

To book an appointment for a dental check up, where you can discuss any of the treatments mentioned above, please call us on 020 8646 6200 or click here to send us a message and we’ll get back to you shortly to arrange your visit.