How a Dedicated Kids Dentist Can Benefit Your Family

How a Dedicated Kids Dentist Can Benefit Your Family

When your child needs dental treatment, finding a kids dentist with the relevant experience is the key to a good experience. This is particularly true if your child has complex needs that need treatment by a specialist. But this isn’t the only benefit of working with a dedicated kids dentist – it can positively impact your family in many ways.

A dedicated kids dentist has the right setting

Dental work for children isn’t quite as straightforward as it is for adults. Because children haven’t been to the dentist as much, they don’t know what to expect and can be more nervous. When you work with a specialist kids dentist, they’ll have the tools and tricks to make your child feel at ease. From play specialists and a colourful, playful setting, to a suitable bedside manner, the setting can play a huge part of your child’s experience. When your little one is comfortable going to the dentist, they’re more likely to happily attend, meaning less stress for everyone all round.

You can build a long-lasting relationship with your kids dentist

Building a trusted relationship with a dedicated kids dentist leads to a positive overall experience which forms the blocks of a relationship that can last for many years. Over this time, your child’s dentist will get to know them and their teeth. Ultimately, a specialist kids dentist is on your team from early on and forms an important part of your child’s healthcare team.

Seeing a kids dentist can improve compliance

When your child enjoys going to see the dentist, it helps get them on board with tooth brushing techniques and sparks an interest in oral hygiene. This is more inclined to make them want to take care of their oral hygiene, which leads to a healthier smile. Having healthy teeth can protect against heart disease, stroke, infections and gum diseases, so this benefit of working with a specialised kids dentist cannot be underestimated.

A kids dentist will have other paediatric experts to hand

When it comes to healthcare, you almost need a team around the child – paediatricians, GPs, dentists and more. When you work with a specialised kids dentist, they can point you in the direction of the other professionals your child may need. At Kids Dental, we are in the same building as Marsh House Orthodontics, which is particularly handy for kids needing orthodontic intervention.

Overall a specialist paediatric dentist is an important part of your little one’s childhood and can help manage your child’s health in many ways.

Kids Dental at Marsh House – paediatric dentist London

If you’re looking for a paediatric dentist London, the team here at Kids Dental at Marsh House would be delighted to hear from you. From oral hygiene therapy and children’s cosmetic dentistry, to dental emergencies and more, we’re ideally placed to help protect your child’s oral health. We only work with children, so you can rest assured we have the experience and dedication your child needs. To book your child an appointment at our London practice, please call 020 8646 6300.