How Do White Fillings Work for Children’s Dentistry

How Do White Fillings Work for Children’s Dentistry

Dental fillings have a number of different purposes. For example, if tooth decay has resulted in a cavity, fillings provide a solution to ‘fill’ in the area of tooth that has been removed, or if teeth are cracked or broken, a filling may be used to repair them if the issue is not too severe. Needless to say, it is not only adults who require fillings from time to time, but how do white fillings work for children’s dentistry?

Whilst young children will eventually lose their deciduous teeth (baby teeth) when their permanent (adult) teeth erupt, should they become damaged by decay or an accident, white fillings are required to repair them and prevent further issues or pain. As baby teeth are much smaller, they require a suitable children’s dentistry solution. White tooth fillings are a common and effective choice.

What are White Fillings?

White fillings are made from composite, a tooth-coloured resin, providing a discreet and natural looking solution. This resin can be moulded to fill cavities and fit deciduous teeth perfectly.
Whilst in previous years, amalgam and silver were commonly used to provide dental fillings, these materials required more of the tooth to be removed by drilling. Undoubtedly, this more invasive procedure would be somewhat stressful for children and could potentially have long term effects on their comfort in visiting a dentist.

It is also worth considering that white fillings are much less noticeable in the mouth than amalgam or silver fillings. As a child grows up, a more natural looking solution helps them to feel more comfortable in their appearance, rather than attention being drawn to dental fillings.

When do children need White Fillings?

If a child has a small to medium sized cavity, crack or break in their tooth, white fillings provide a suitable solution to restore the tooth. Composite is a highly durable material that is resistant to fracture, so a white filling should last as long as the tooth that it is bonded with.

White fillings treatment is a relatively simple procedure that can be carried out in a single appointment. To ensure a quick and pain free procedure, the child’s mouth will usually need to be numbed prior to any work being carried out on the affected tooth. Understandably, this can be a stressful experience.

As a specialist children only clinic, before we begin treatment, we will always do what we can to ensure patients are as relaxed as possible and will work to ease their anxiety. In the case of children that are especially nervous, we can use inhalation sedation (sometimes referred to as happy air or laughing gas) to reduce their anxiety and prepare them for their filling.

Once a child is comfortable and acclimated to the dental clinic, any decayed areas of the tooth can be removed so that a white filling can be put in place. The composite is formed into the shape of the tooth and once this process is completed, the filling hardens within seconds with assistance from a specialist blue light.

Whilst the mouth is numbed during the procedure, children may feel a strange sensation and some sensitivity is usually experienced for a week or two after treatment. In order to prepare children for a white filling, it’s important to discuss all of the above information with them so that they can get used to what to expect.

Children’s Dentistry in London

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