Is There Such a Thing as Pain Free Dentistry?

Is There Such a Thing as Pain Free Dentistry?

Dental appointments can be nerve wracking for anyone, especially with the worry that pain might be involved, but for children, that visit to the dentist can evoke deep fears and anxiety. Many children feel nervous about going to the dentist, perhaps because they pick up on their parents’ anxieties, or maybe because they fear the unknown and worry about treatment being painful. The good news is that there is such a thing as pain free dentistry and at Marsh House, that’s exactly what we practise, thanks to a very handy little device called The Wand.

The Wand Pain Free Dentistry

Having a fear of needles is quite common in children. Some will have negative memories from a previous vaccination, whilst others will just feel fear around the pain associated with this sharp object. Whatever the cause, being able to offer anaesthesia without these scary needles is vital to the welcoming and pain-free experience we aim to deliver for children.

The Wand is a computer-aided, pain free anaesthesia device, which is ideal for treating children. Rather than the traditional dental injection, The Wand uses a computerised system to deliver a local anaesthetic precisely to the area that is needed, without excessive numbing or the anxiety of having a needle.

It isn’t only the needle that children can find distressing. With traditional anaesthesia, they may also find it traumatic to not be able to talk or eat properly after the procedure, or to not be aware if they are biting their cheek. The Wand combats this by only numbing the tooth being treated – this is known as Single Tooth Anaesthesia (STA).

The Benefits of Pain Free Dentistry for Children

When we use The Wand to help numb a child’s tooth and enable treatment to be carried out comfortably, it has many benefits, including:

  • The Wand works instantly – there is no need to wait for the numbness to take effect.
  • There is no numbness across the entire side of the face as only the tooth being treated will be affected.
  • Anaesthetic is delivered gradually by The Wand, so the patient hardly feels anything at all.
  • There is no damage to the crown of permanent teeth.
  • There is no risk of the child damaging their mouth by accident, by biting or chewing their cheeks and lips whilst they are numbed.

We can use The Wand pain free dentistry for a whole range of treatments for children, including white tooth fillings and cosmetic dental procedures such as fixing fractured crowns.

If your child is due a dental check up, or you suspect they have a problem with a tooth but have been putting off getting an appointment due to their fear of visiting the dentist, we urge you to get in touch. We offer a fun and welcoming environment to help alleviate children’s fear of visiting the dentist and thanks to innovative devices such as The Wand, we can make any treatment as easy and comfortable as possible for our young patients.