Pain Free Dentistry for Children

Pain Free Dentistry for Children

Visiting the dentist is considered a daunting experience for many children, especially when receiving dental treatment. However, we want to show children that the dentist’s chair is nothing to be scared of. With pain free dentistry for children and a friendly team, dental anxiety should be a thing of the past.

Explore how we offer pain free dentistry for children and it’s benefits below:

Pain-Free Anaesthesia

A traditional local anaesthetic given by needle works by numbing the entire side of your face. In children’s dentistry, this can leave a child with post-operative trauma from not feeling anything on their lips or cheeks, as well as making eating and speaking temporarily challenging. This discomfort is what can make the dentist’s chair a scary place for children, which is why we offer pain-free anaesthesia.

As part of our pain free dentistry, we use The Wand, which delivers computer aided pain-free anaesthesia. As a pain free alternative to a typical dental injection, this is ideal for children’s dentistry. Its computerised system delivers precise local anaesthetic which helps to relieve your child of any anxiety and avoids the discomfort linked to extensive numbing.

How Does Pain Free Dentistry Work with The Wand?

The Wand is a very precise dentistry tool, which allows paediatric dentists to only numb the tooth being treated. This allows a less painful experience as children will not feel numbness over their face. This is especially important as this can reduce the risk of them accidentally hurting themselves, like they could if they were numbed with traditional local anaesthetic.

Further Benefits

In addition to offering pain free dentistry to children, The Wand offers further benefits. Since only the tooth being treated is numbed, a lower dosage of anaesthetic liquid is given to your child. This also means that the anaesthetic does not have an effect on their lips, cheeks or tongue which could leave them feeling confused or uncomfortable.

The Wand causes no harm to the crown of permanent teeth, which are located below baby teeth in their jaw. This will hopefully provide both parents and children with peace of mind that they are in safe hands during children’s dental procedures.

Booking an Appointment with a Paediatric Dentist

We aim to provide a child friendly environment where children can feel safe and comfortable. With a friendly team offering pain free dentistry for children, we are here to support your family.

For paediatric dentist appointments and orthodontics, you can discuss with a member of our team on 020 8646 6300.