Visiting a Kids Dentist for an Oral Hygiene Service

Visiting a Kids Dentist for an Oral Hygiene Service

As your child grows, they are slowly learning how to take care of themselves and how to lead a healthy life. In regards to teeth and gums, they should be learning their own dental care routine and attending regular dentist visits. By visiting a kids dentist for an oral hygiene service, this can be another step into teaching them the skills they need to care for their oral and dental health for life.

What is an Oral Hygiene Service?

As a kids dentist we will provide a comprehensive oral hygiene service for your child, tailored depending on their age and stretching over a period of time. Starting from an early age is important, as this will help to set them up with the skills they need to care for their oral and dental health throughout their lifetime.

Your kids dentist will examine your child’s teeth to check that their teeth and gums are healthy and will look for any potential signs of concern.

We offer a personalised oral hygiene service, including advice on healthy diets and tooth brushing techniques and fluoride application.

How Will My Child Benefit from Regular Dentist Visits?

By attending regular dental visits with your child, you can help them to develop a positive attitude towards dentists, the development of their mouth and teeth can be monitored and they will learn about the importance of maintaining great oral health from an early age.

Without these regular visits to a kids dentist, you could be missing opportunities to identify issues and ensure they are treated early before they develop. If you are unsure on how often you should be visiting, ask your dentist after each appointment when to rebook for your child.

Mitcham Dentist for Families

At Kids Dental at Marsh House we are a family orientated practice, specialising in kids dentistry and providing a safe and comfortable environment. Located in Marsh House, we are a Mitcham dentist offering a range of dental and oral hygiene services for children, including early orthodontics and dental emergencies. If you are searching for a Mitcham dentist for your children, contact us to join our practice.