What to Do to Help Toothache in Children

What to Do to Help Toothache in Children

As a parent or guardian, you will know that there is nothing worse than seeing a child in pain. If you have ever experienced toothache as an adult, you’ll know how bad it can be, but imagine this pain in a child who is unable to understand it or properly explain it to you? Thankfully, there is some advice we can offer to help ease toothache in children, so please read on to find out more about what causes the pain, what signs you should look out for and when to visit the dentist.

What Causes Toothache in Children?

When a child experiences toothache it is usually because the dental pulp in the centre of the tooth has become exposed or damaged. When a tooth loses enamel, the dentin layer underneath becomes exposed which can lead to sensitivity, especially when eating hot foods or having a cold drink. If the dental pulp beneath the dentin layer becomes exposed, the pain can become persistent and severe.

What Signs Should You Look Out For?

If the child is old enough to describe the pain to you, then these are some signs to look out for, which may indicate what the problem is:

A dull ache in the teeth or jaw, which may be constant – this is most likely to be caused by the dental pulp becoming infected, gum disease or a wisdom tooth which has erupted but doesn’t have the space to come through properly.

Tooth pain after eating or drinking hot or cold foods – this is probably due to sensitivity caused by the tooth enamel becoming damaged or eroded. It could also be as a result of dental cavities or trauma to the tooth.

Throbbing pain in the teeth – if the pain is constant and prevents the child from sleeping properly at night then it may be caused by the dental pulp becoming infected or an abscess.

If your child is very young, then they may not be able to tell you what the problem is, so you should watch out for the signs of toothache in children, such as not wanting to eat or drink, waking frequently, fever and excessive drooling.

When To Visit The Dentist

Though you might be tempted to treat your child’s toothache at home, the best option is always to see your dentist as soon as possible, so that your child is not in unnecessary pain. Most cases of toothache will require some form of treatment, but thankfully, when you visit a dentist for kids, this can be done in a relaxed, friendly and fun environment, with gentle sedation available as necessary.

Whilst waiting to see your dentist, you can help ensure your child avoids the food and drinks that might make the pain worse, such as hard, crunchy and sticky foods and overly cold drinks. You can also try over the counter painkillers, as prescribed by your pharmacist.

Book Now at our Dentist For Kids

If your child is experiencing toothache now, call us on 020 8646 6300 for advice or an emergency appointment. If it is out of hours, and we are unable to get back to you within 30 minutes, we recommend that you call NHS 111 or contact the Dental Emergencies department at your local hospital.