When Should You Start Brushing Baby Teeth?

When Should You Start Brushing Baby Teeth?

As a new parent, you may be asking yourself questions which you would never have asked before. When should you start brushing baby teeth? When should you book a baby first dental visit? If you are searching for answers, browse our guidance below.

When Should You Start Brushing Baby Teeth?

You can begin brushing your baby teeth the moment they start peeping through. All you will need for now is a baby toothbrush and a small smear of fluoride toothpaste. When they reach 3-6 years old, change the smear size to a pea size amount of toothpaste.

During their early years, the easiest way to brush your baby’s teeth may be to sit them on your lap while they rest their head on your chest. When they’re a bit older but still struggle with brushing their own teeth, have them stand in front of you with their head tilted back.

What’s the Right Age for a Baby First Dental Visit?

If you are wondering about when the right time is for a baby first dental visit, it’s as soon as you see their first tooth. This may happen around six months, so the baby first dental visit should be before their first birthday.

However, if you have an upcoming dental visit for yourself, take your baby along! This can help to familiarise them with the dental practice and can see you as a role model while you undergo your check up.

How to Teach Your Child About Dental Care

By brushing your baby’s teeth and taking them for dental visits from a young age can get them used to the routine. It can also make the dental practice a comfortable environment, to ease feelings of anxiety.

During their early years, try to switch their mindset of brushing their teeth from a chore to a fun dance party! Find a two minute song to dance to while brushing their teeth and join in with them. By seeing you brush your teeth too can help to set a good example.

How to Choose a Family Dental Practice

At Kids Dental we are located inside of Marsh House in Mitcham, making it a one stop destination for the whole family! We aim to provide outstanding dental and orthodontic care to children in a calming environment. Some of our services include pain free dentistry, sedation for anxious children and adolescents undergoing certain treatments, and a team of highly trained paediatric dentists by your side.

If you are looking to book baby first dental visit, contact our practice today!