Why a Kids Private Dentist is a Worthwhile Investment

Why a Kids Private Dentist is a Worthwhile Investment

For all children, from the time they get their first tooth, regular visits to a dentist are extremely important to make sure they get used to good dental care and oral hygiene practices from a young age. Making regular visits to the dentist teaches children to care about their teeth, ensures healthy development of the teeth and mouth, and catches any oral problems early before they get worse. However, understandably, visiting the dentist can be a stressful experience for some children, which makes finding the right dentist all the more important.

The Advantages of a Kids Private Dentist

Visiting a kids private dentist that specialises in treating children of all ages is a fantastic solution to help ensure that children maintain excellent oral health and develop a positive attitude towards dental visits. Let’s look at some more reasons why a kids private dentist is a worthwhile investment.

Child Friendly Practice

For many children, going to the dentist can be a slightly unnerving experience, but it’s important that they get used to dental checkups as early as possible. One way to do this is to take them to a dental practice that specialises in treating children, providing a welcoming atmosphere and child friendly approach to treatment.

As well as dental treatments, a kids private dentist can also provide personalised oral hygiene services, including help with tooth-brushing techniques, healthy diet advice, and a scale and polish of the teeth combined with fluoride application to help prevent tooth decay.

A kids private dentist works hard to keep a smile on your child’s face, making sure they feel comfortable throughout.

Pain Free Dentistry

Understandably, many children are afraid of injections. Whilst anaesthesia is designed to prevent pain during treatments, the injection can still be painful and anxiety inducing for children. To allay these fears, a child friendly dental practice can offer pain free dentistry, using alternative methods of anaesthesia.

The Wand is a computer aided, pain-free, injection free solution. Whilst a traditional anaesthetic is administered with a needle to numb the entire side of the face, making it difficult to eat and speak after treatment (which can be frightening for young children), the wand uses a sensor controlled probe that numbs on the tooth being treated, making the whole process much less painful.

Sedation Dentistry

For children who are worried about visiting the dentist for treatments, one of the safest ways to lessen their fear is inhalation sedation. Sedation dentistry provides a great way to reduce anxiety in nervous patients, allowing highly skilled dentists to safely carry out dental treatment whilst the child remains relaxed.

Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry

In the event that baby teeth are damaged or require fillings, a private dental practice for kids provides cosmetic, tooth-coloured solutions to replace or repair teeth whilst keeping them looking as natural as possible.

Composite fillings allow for a natural look, but are also less invasive than silver or amalgam fillings as less drilling and removal of healthy tooth tissue is needed. Composite fillings restore the strength of teeth and look completely natural.
For fractured teeth, crowns for baby teeth provide a durable, natural looking solution that lasts until the baby tooth naturally falls out in time for the adult tooth.

Why to visit a Pediatric Dentist in London

To ensure that your children have a good relationship with oral care from a young age, finding a dentist that makes them feel comfortable is an extremely important step. Whilst all dentists are highly trained and skilled, not all take such a friendly and child-friendly approach – consider that one bad experience at a dental appointment could be enough to trigger a long lasting fear of the dentist. In contrast, finding a child-friendly dentist means fun for kids and a stress-free experience for parents.

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