Your Guide to Caring for Children’s Braces this Halloween

Your Guide to Caring for Children’s Braces this Halloween

This Halloween, prioritise your child’s wellbeing by allowing them to have a fun filled day, while still sticking to their daily routines. With Halloween being such a treat-filled holiday, it is even more important to make sure sugar isn’t left for too long to feed the bad bacteria found in tooth plaque or that brace wearers don’t chew on something potentially damaging to their brace when undergoing early orthodontics.

To explore our guide to caring for children’s braces and dental health this Halloween, continue reading.

Understand the Effects of Sugar

It is common knowledge that too much sugar is bad for your teeth, but why is that exactly? Sugar is one of the top causes of tooth decay. Bacteria in our mouth feeds on sugar to produce acid which can be damaging to our teeth, which is why it is so important to limit your intake of free sugars in food and drinks. Not only can it harm our teeth, but a lot of sugary treats can have textures which can also be potentially damaging to dental braces.

Be Aware of Which Foods to Avoid

While it can be easy for a child to feel left out when they can’t have specific treats, knowing which ones they should avoid in advance can help you to plan what you should stock up on. The reason behind having to avoid certain foods is simply because some can be too tough and potentially damaging to children’s braces. A general rule is to avoid foods which are hard, sticky, chewy and crunchy, but for reference here are a few specific examples of what not to have:

⦁ Hard candy
⦁ Chewy candy
⦁ Chewing gum
⦁ Popcorn
⦁ Pretzels
⦁ Hard crackers
⦁ Nuts

Outside of trick or treat bags, other foods to avoid with braces are:
⦁ Ice
⦁ Pizza crust
⦁ Hard rolls of bread
⦁ Crunchy fruits and vegetables
⦁ Chips

So your child is not completely missing out, consider swapping their usual treats for delicious yogurts, soft desserts, soft fruits and soft cheeses. During meal times, opt for mashed potatoes, soups, scrambled eggs, pasta and seafood if they can.

Teaching Care for Children’s Braces

To begin with, your child will need guidance on how to brush their teeth while getting used to their new braces. Here are 5 easy steps for their new routine:

⦁ If they have elastics on their braces, remove them.
⦁ Make sure your child is brushing their teeth at a 45-degree angle as this will help them to clean where their gums and teeth meet.
⦁ Allow your child to take the time to individually brush each tooth in a gentle back and forth movement.
⦁ Once their teeth have been brushed, have them brush around each brace bracket and make sure the wire is clean.
⦁ Teach your child to effectively inspect their cleaning once it is complete, to check for signs of food debris, before their elastics are replaced.

If you need further guidance on how to clean children’s braces, ask an orthodontist during their appointment. Your orthodontist can also advise you on additional steps which may be helpful, such as using interdental brushes.

Finding Early Orthodontics Advice

During your appointment for early orthodontics with your child, this is a great opportunity to ask any questions you may have so you can understand the process and the care needed for children’s braces. Then again at future appointments if you are noticing small hurdles and would like advice on how to make them easier. If you do find that your children’s braces are damaged or they have misplaced their removable braces, please contact our team to book in for an appointment.

We hope that you all have a wonderful Halloween!